GK’s post for October

Actually, October is almost over. I wanted to start off by asking everyone to pray for all the souls of the unborn children that are aborted every day in this country. For that matter, all the children that are aborted in our world. This is one of th greatest tragedies that I can think of. October is respect Life Month, but I wish everyone would respect life all year long. Life is a precious gift that is given to us by our God. In his infinite wisdom he has a plan for us all. I cannot even begin to think of what some of those unborn children could have accomplished. Even without thinking of my faith or religion, I could never fathom taking the life of someone that has not even been given the chance to be born.

I just cannot believe that anyone can make that decision. I do believe that a woman has a choice. Even every man has a choice as well. They have the choice to not engage in the beautiful act that is love. Please take some time to remember everyone who has been affected by abortion. Without sharing too much, I myself have a personal experience with abortion. That is why I feel so strongly about this subject matter.

We had our General Meeting this past Monday and I think we had a good turnout. I would like to encourage more Brothers to join us. Even if you cannot make it at 7pm, come after the meeting for some fellowship. Often times we are so busy that we do not just take some time to enjoy the company of our fellow Brothers. After all, we have many things in common. We are all Catholic Gentlemen. Most of us are married. So come and join us, if not for the meeting, at least for some conversation and fellowship.

We  have some events coming up and I will encourage everyone to keep an eye on our calendar. I try to keep it update it as much as possible. It will have events from our Parish and other councils as well. You never know where you will find other Brothers. If you want me to add an event just email me at GrandKnight@mdpkofc.org

Thanks again to everyone who make our council one of the best in Pennsylvania.

SK Carlos Medina
Grand Knight MDP Council #14454

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