Why We Recruit?

Some of you may have heard that the MDP Council had their first 1st Degree. I am very proud of the Brothers who have devoted their time and energy to accomplish this. The Knights do many things. The one thing that we must always do is recruit. If we do not recruit new members then we run out of energy doing the things we need to do. It is always great when you have reinforcements. Here are just some of the reasons we recruit:

  • Build up the Church
  • Support our Pastor and all Clergy
  • Evangelization of our Catholic Faith
  • Grow and enhance witness to out Catholic Faith
  • Promote and engage others in a better prayer life
  • Sharing opportunity to serve others
  • Give back to the community
  • Develop relationships with other Catholic Families
  • Assist others to become leaders
  • For activity suggestions and programming ideas
  • New members bring new experiences, ideas, and talents
  • New members infuse new enthusiasm into a council
  • Support the financial needs of the council through dues and working at fundraising events
  • Provide opportunity to participate in the Order’s top rated insurance program
  • They can participate in our annuities, long term care program and other fraternal benefits
  • Eventual replacement of what WE contribute today, as volunteers and leaders
  • Growth of our order
  • For continued growth in volunteer hours and dollars contributed to worthy causes
  • To fulfill Fr. McGivney’s Vision
  • Fulfill Catholic teaching: to know, love and serve Him on this earth and be happy with Him in Heaven
  • Knowing we did something good for another Catholic man and his family, the church and community

St. Theresa of Avila said:
“Yours are the only hands with which God can do His work, and yours are the only eyes through which God’s compassion can shine upon a troubled world.”

Thanks again to all the Brothers who are part of the 1st Degree Team. I am humbled by your devotion to our cause.

Vivat Jesus!
Grand Knight
Carlos Medina

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