Prayer for SK Steve Santoleri

Brother Jerry,

A member of our Council, SK Steve Santoleri, is in need of all our prayers because his cancer has returned.  Steve’s family asks that the special prayer below be said for him to Blessed Fr. Miguel Pro, S.J.  Since I have been a Knight at St. Cornelius, Steve has always been front and center when volunteers are needed, as well as his wife and family.

Jerry, I would appreciate if you would distribute this prayer request to our brother Knights.

Bob Welch, GK

St. Cornelius Council 12391

Novena Prayer to Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro, SJ

Blessed martyr of Christ the King, Father Miguel Agustin Pro, you are a special patron of those who labor, those in illness, depression or despair.  You are also a friend of musicians, the captives, and all who work toward social justice.  Your beloved brothers, the Jesuits, revere you and count you among the ranks of their saints.  You love your people of Mexico and all those loyal to the Church.
I thank the Sacred Heart for loving you so dearly.
I pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe whom you love so dear, to intercede for the cause of your canonization.
I pray that you remember me in your eternal and well-deserved rejoicing, and also my needs:
[to cure Steve of cancer]
Through your courageous life and martyrdom you have won the crown of life everlasting.
Remember me, Blessed Miguel, for I remember you.
Viva Cristo Rey!  Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!

IMPRIMATUR:  Most Reverend John F. Donoghue
Archbishop of Atlanta
December 21, 2004

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