The Bishops need our help! Join the Pennsylvania Catholic Advocacy Network today

As Catholics we are called to participate in the life of our communities. Citizenship is a virtue and participation in the political process is a moral obligation. Our Catholic values are often under siege in the public policy debate.

We must protect the human right to life, safeguard and uphold marriage and families, and defend the Church’s position on the rights of workers, access to health care, concern for the poor, the rights of the sick and dying, and the right to be free from mandates which infringe our religious beliefs.

You may ask, what can we do? How can we make a difference?

The Knights of Columbus can be an influential and outspoken voice in the public square. By uniting we can affect change by offering a clear and compelling Catholic perspective to public policy issues.

The Bishops of Pennsylvania have created the Pennsylvania Catholic Advocacy Network as a powerful tool for educating and engaging Catholics on policy issues in Harrisburg and beyond. Advocates get the latest news and information about the issues, resources for how to visit, call, e-mail or write your elected officials and the first alert when contacting them can make a difference.

With the 2010 elections behind us, we are facing new and exciting opportunities to advance a public policy agenda that improves our Catholic schools, promotes social justice, protects religious liberty and upholds the dignity of every human person. Join the Pennsylvania Catholic Advocacy Network today. Lend your voice. Take action. Make a difference.

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From our Pennsylvania State Deputy
-George Koch

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