A Few Things on My Mind

Hello Brothers,

I wanted to take a few mins and share some things with all of you. November has sneaked up on us. First off I want to reiterate the pleadings of Ed Campbell. I know that what we are asking sounds like a drudge. I have actually been a telemarketer in a past life. So I know how hard it can be to ask people for something over the phone. I know Ed has already gone over all the details. I simply want to ask that if you have the time, please volunteer.

Another thing that I recently discussed with some of our brothers is the issue of abortion. We have some Brothers who are very passionate about the subject. We have discussed abortion previously and what the problem is about talking about the topic. More specifically about talking about political candidates who are pro-life. This may be a little late since the mid-term elections have come and gone, but I still wanted to talk about this.

As Brother Knights we try to stay away from politics, but I was confusing the issue at stake. Abortion is the most important issue that we should be concerned about when electing our public officials. I am against abortion and I wish everyone would think twice when making decisions that involve life. I do not have to tell everyone how important life is. Everyone’s life! It is a great tragedy that people think about their convenience, or career, or anything else above the life of a person. I hope I do not have to convince anyone who reads this that abortion is wrong. That it should be outlawed because it is immoral! I sincerely I do not have to make that point.

The point I am trying to make is that we need to get people to over turn Roe Vs Wade. The only way we can do that is to get our elected officials to realize that abortion is wrong. So what if our economy is hurting. So what is someone uses a tax loophole to save some money. What really is important is that we protect life. Don’t get me wrong there are other important problems that this country needs to deal with. But consider this, maybe that “fetus” that was aborted yesterday may have been the next smartest person in the world and may have had all the answers, or at least one answer to one problem. Keep this in mind when talking to friends or relatives about your political choices. I have no problem saying that I voted along a line, not a party line, but the abortion line. I can not vote for someone who does not value life as much as I do. That single fact can affect how they will make decisions on other topics.

God Bless each and everyone of you.

Carlos Medina – Grand Knight

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