Family of the Month

Hey Brothers,

I want to thank Ed Mazilli for spearheading the Family of the Month Program. Please support him and our council in this effort. I think this is a worthwhile effort that does not get enough attention. We need to applaud the efforts of our Catholic families. Everyday there is another way discovered to tear down the family structure. Sure, there can be many types of families, but we need to reward those families that make that effort to represent what we have been taught. God Bless all of you and thanks for your support of this program.

Fellow Brothers,

One of the nicest things about being the Family Committee coordinator is I get to announce the start of such a great program.

The Family of the Month program
This program is designed to recognize Families in the Parish that have made significant contributions to the Church, Community and/or Council. This program is recognized by the Supreme Council. Once a month, 100 families that have won Family of the Month honors locally are then selected from across the country for a special remembrance of the event.

To consider a family for this award, such factors should be considered:

  • Has the family made significant contributions to the Church?
  • Does the family share experiences?
  • Does the family communicate openly and honestly?
  • Does the family pray and attend mass together?
  • Does the family spend time together interacting with each other?
  • Does the family enjoy one another?

To get this program rolling, I was hoping I could get a couple of brothers to volunteer to help me organize this program. I promise no meetings, but we will need to discuss things via email. Please get back to me as soon as possible. I want to get this going ASAP.

Thanks for your interest,

Ed Mazzilli

Grand Knight
Carlos Medina SK

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