Sponsorship Opportunities


Platinum $3000
  • Company logo on custom car plaques (used to ID exhibitors vehicles)
  • Company logo on sleeve of t-shirts
  • Option to present awards
  • Four complimentary entries in show
  • Inside cover in car show publication
  • Only 2 Platinum Sponsors
  • All Gold Sponsor opportunities
Gold $1000
  • Company logo featured on t-shirts
  • Two complimentary entries in show
  • 1 block in car show publication
  • All Silver Sponsor opportunities
Silver $500
  • Company logo on t-shirts
  • Full page ad in car show publication
  • All Bronze Sponsor opportunities
Bronze $250
  • Company logo on website
  • Business cards, coupons and/or         give-aways in exhibitors                            welcome pack (items provided by sponsor)
  • Half page ad in car show publication


Specific Sponsorship Opportunities

We welcome donations to cover the following specific items in full or in part. Indicate the item and the amount you wish to contribute on the Sponsorship Registration Form. We welcome In-Kind Sponsors!

Sponsorship/Donor Opportunities Amount Status
Misc. Event Expenses $750
Classic Award $500
Special Awards $500
T-shirts $500
Lunch Catering $250
Breakfast Catering $250
Beverages $250
Program Printing $100
Equipment Rentals $100
Misc. Supplies $100
Raffle Supplies $50

Download the Sponsorship Forms Here…

If you would like to contact us about registering please fill out the form below.
Please include a photo of your vehicle.
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