Carnival time is over

Hey Brothers,

I just wanted to say thanks to all the Brothers who helped out during the carnival in one way or another. The MDP Knights sponsored a new shuttle service for all carnival goers. Obviously we did not give a ride to everyone, that would require many golf carts. The most visible thing we did at the carnival was provide this shuttle service. Thanks to Mark Kriner, who made up some very nice signs to attach to the golf carts. So everyone knew that the MDP Knights had provided this service for them. It is a small thing, but I think it paid off pretty well. Of course, many other Brothers were involved in probably every aspect of the carnival. Brother Knights helped secure the carnival, they helped prepare food, they severed some beer and provided some fun bingo time. Other Brothers helped put together all the stuff you saw standing during the carnival, from tents to game booths and stages. So even though this is not a Knights event, our presence is felt everywhere.

You can view some pics from the carnival here: It should be the most recent event, if not seach by the date of the event.

Thanks again to everyone and enjoy the rest of your summer.

PGK Carlos Medina

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