Arturo Solis

Brothers and Sisters In Christ and Brother Knights;

Hilda Solis is an ACTS Sister IN Christ and her husband Arturo is the brother-in-law of David Pineda. I ask that you keep Arturo and Hilda Solis in your prayers while they are going through these troubled times

God Bless

Joe Mateo

From: hilda solis

Art got sick.  He is at the VA hospital in the CCU 6th floor.  His lungs are deflated and he can not breath.  His blood pressure is very low and his heart is enlarged.  His kidneys were failing, but they kick in today.  There is a possibility that they will give him a heart cath tomorrow so I am currantly at work trying to get some hours in so that i can be there.  Please pray for him and also ask Joe to keep him in prayer.  He is in good spirits and today his color came back.  I will keep you informed as to his progress.

Love in Christ,

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